Team Photo

This morning was taken up with another Keep Kineton Beautiful session.  12 of us today, despite the drizzle as we started.  We tidied up the edges of the paths around the church - go large and you can see a before/after pair of images to the right.  There are two other similar sections we tidied up too. The straightened edges should make it easier/quicker when we next cut the grass.
Aside from creaky spines, dodgy knees and arthritic wrists, it is surprising what 12 people can achieve in around 2 hours.
On a Thursday morning the church is open for the local food bank and a coffee/cake/listening ear session ... so we were well supplied with caffeine and carbohydrates.

Clearly - I didn't take the group photo as I am in it, Gill took the before/after pair - I just did a little editing :-)

Wide Wednesday results

This week’s Wide Wednesday theme was Organic/Unstructured – and as usual – there are some great and varied entries.
Favourites to:
Les Tension – First Snowfall on a local fishing pond
Jensphotos – Rocks, Waves, and a dramatic sky
Technophobe – Monochrome Umbellifer
Freespiral – Lough Akeen
NonPCPlod – a beechwood panorama

Honourable Mentions to:

Stiffknees – Sunlight through leaves
Nicoisieannie –  Fungi in the leaf litter
Banksiaman – Unstructured roof work waste
Heanku – oops!  Entropy strikes again?
Dawn P – Autumn leaf fall

Special Mention to:

Freuchie – Can’t get much more organic than this

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