By Veronica

Too late

Just as I picked exactly the right time yesterday, I missed my slot today. When I'm intending a vine blip, I normally head out at about 4 pm, when the light is best. So I ignored the sunshine this morning, and didn't notice till I went out this afternoon how rapidly the clouds had moved in (as I write, it is actually raining for once). So this is the best of a bad lot. I quite like the layers and the mosaic of colours and textures.

S went to the pharmacy to buy Sue some Covid tests this morning, and I delivered them to her along with a plated up lunch consisting of what we ate last night, so that she could just stick it in the microwave. It's so miserable being ill when you're on your own with no-one to look after you. She was actually up, and said she was feeling a little better.

Gym this evening; I've missed it for the last three weeks what with one thing and another. It was hard work. It is very handy having a class just metres from home -- no excuse not to go really! I was feeling tired and it perked me up.

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