By Colstro

Kolyat Mela

Today we visited the Kolyat Mela near Bikaner.  This is a rather smaller affair than the well known Pushkar Mela, and far less touristy.  Indeed our little group were about the only foreigners there, and we became a major attraction.  Whenever our group of photographers gathered to plan our next activity, we found ourselves surrounded by locals who just seemed fascinated by us and just wanted to watch us.
When we split up and wandered individually through the town and around the ghats (steps) down to the lake, where people were washing themselves and performing their rituals at this special time of the year, we had no difficulty photographing people. Indeed we were constantly being asked to take people's photographs and were frequently being included in "selfies" with the locals.  At  times I felt I was being photographed more than I was taking photographs.

Although I was happy to take portraits of people, I really wanted a few candid shots as well and found this rather difficult.  This blip is one of the few I managed.

We are here again tomorrow.

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