A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

An Unexpected Journey

AKA International Rescue...

I received a call during breakfast from my middle daughter who had been visiting Edinburgh for a few days. She had been informed by her train company (LNER) not to travel but to make her own way back to Yorkshire because the tracks were flooded.

Four hours driving later we rescued her from a rather wet Scotland and headed back. We arrived home at 8pm just in time for the chippy before it shut.**

My Blip was taken during one of the few roadwork queues along the A68 at Pathhead, Midlothian. 

Heading north on the A68 is amazing, especially with all the autumn golds and yellows. The views are terrific and the road is quite straight if you don't count all the ups and downs. 

I may take it a little easier tomorrow. 

I gather this may be my 8th anniversary Blip. It should have been in May but I took a sabbatical from posting back in 2018. I appreciate everyone who follows my journal. Thanks very much. ;o)

** On the way home my SatNav came up with an advert when I was waiting to turn at a main road. It asked: 'Stuck in traffic? Why not go by LNER...' :o/

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