Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Sweetheart's news

Today Sweetheart told me, via phone of course, that our friends will finish this weekend the olive harvest from his fields in the village. They've had the first sacks with olives passed from the olive oil plant and he told me that 4,5 kilo's olives produced 1 liter of olive oil; that's a great turn out! They harvest the olives this year at their best time! And the PH value is again superb he told me too. The harvest of olives is done annually, but it's once every two years that their production is excellent and when I was on Crete in October everybody told me they expect a good harvest this year from their olives; wonderful! 
Sweetheart doesn't do any of the works himself, unfortunately, but he's there to keep an eye on the ongoing works and gives his orders.

My blip was taken when in Crete of course and these men are strangers to me, but you get an impression of how the olives are shaken out by rakes that now work on big batteries turning the combes at its end thro' the branches to shake out the olives... helpful, but still heavy work as this harvest always was. You see those rakes here too.

From my daughter I learned that all goes well in her newly grown family and I'll see them soon again.

Thank you all lots and lots for your good wishes and lovely comments! I'll pass them on again soon! Have a good Sunday!

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