By Flossmo


I was late getting out of bed this morning. I then watched Laura Kuenssberg followed by another episode of The Crown. Some episodes of The Crown series 5 have been of questionable taste and veracity but today's, about the relationship between the UK and Russia was more interesting even if Peter Morgan cannot resist a bit of artistic license in his plot development. Consequently, it was after 11 o'clock when I started on the day's work.

A substantial review of my houseplants has been on the cards for a few months and by this morning it was long overdue. Each plant was thus duly carried into the kitchen and then pruned and/or repotted and/or a cutting taken and the rest put in the garden waste and/or reorganised with better staking. It all took quite some time with a lunch break in the middle. The plants do look so much better for the attention but by the time I was finished it was too dark for a walk. Mr Flossmo did manage a walk (to Tesco Express) whilst I was attending to the plants. It tired him out but also felt like a small step back towards normality.

The photograph is of  some dead or dying leaves from my indoor fern. I rather liked the way the veining was exposed by the low sun.       

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