By JackyMT

I have to live next door to this

and it's growing. This is taken from my front door.  OK so he will get a skip one day (not sure when) and dump it all in, then it will start all over again. It's an eyesore and an embarrassment if we have visitors. What annoys me the most though is all the cardboard and a lot of the other plastic stuff can be recycled instead it will all go into landfill sites. Grrrr OK it the rubbish from his business, boxes from stuff he has bought and it's their garden they can put in it what they like. I think that is why we have seen rats about, we never had any until they started piling stuff up and often their black bin is so full the lid won't close, ideal for rats to forage.

On a more cheerful note it's not been such a bad day, I managed to have a dry dog walk then get some washing done, 2 loads. I have wrapped all the Christmas gifts I have got up to press, only 2 more people to buy for and a painting to finish, actually to start although it is drawn up and ready. Then found I had no Christmas labels for them, so will have to get some on Tuesday when I go to the dentists, I can shop in the Crossgates shopping centre on my way through.

Watched Strictly the results, didn't agree with the verdict. then The Larkins followed by Rogue Hero's

Now my internet connection has gone down for some silly reason it does this every night, so may not be able to send this till tomorrow.

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