I Witness

By KangaZu

Virginia Vacation ...

… Day 5.

We had lots planned for today so after breakfast we headed out toward Caledon State Park.  This state park is located along the Potomac River and is supposed to have fantastic eagle viewing spots.

Well … this didn't pan out well as when we got there we discovered the trails down to the river would be difficult for me at best.  It was disappointing as R had read that the trails were accessible to all and that just wasn’t the case.

Google Maps told us there was another beach nearby so we drove to Colonial Beach to check that out.  Nothing there either except the Potomac River!

So from there we drove the short distance to George Washington’s Birthplace … which we wanted to visit anyway.  We had our picnic lunch in the parking lot as we didn’t see any picnic tables.  And then we spent some time walking around the park.  It was lovely.  My Extra collage shows fun facts about George Washington, a scale replica of the Washington Monument and a photo of his birthplace home.

The property in along the Potomac so we spent some time along the shore looking for shark teeth and other things.  I couldn’t believe how wide the Potomac was at this point … you couldn’t even see the other side.   The young lady in my main collage was an avid shark teeth collector and showed us lots of pictures of her findings.  Plus what she had in the back of her vehicle!

We left the park by 3:00 because we knew the traffic getting back to Spotsylvania would be bad.  We knew some shortcuts so it wasn’t too bad getting to our cabin by 5:00 pm.  After supper we went down to the lake to watch the sunset … it was a great way to end a fun filled day.

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