Helena Handbasket

By Tivoli


On the one hand, we are under immense (self-inflicted) pressure at work. I believe that our management is greedy and is simply trying to scrump more than they need. I think they assume everyone is equally greedy and will therefore work stupidly hard given the correct financial incentive. It isn't only carrots, there are also sticks. Pressure is applied to be a “team player”, although it is perfectly obvious that not all team members are included in this circus.
Management has written the rules and I am playing by them, cynically (in just the same way I used to wear school uniform). Additional hours worked are counted as overtime only if they fall between 6pm and 6am Monday to Friday, or any time after 6pm on Friday and before 6am on Monday. I don't work late, but I'm prepared to work weekends. Then there's the sliding scale that says 0 – 6 qualifying hours are paid at bronze rate a; 7 – 12 qualifying hours are paid at silver rate b, but if you can clock up 13 hours they are all paid at gold rate c
So obviously, not wishing other members of my team to imagine that I'm not pulling my weight, I'm making a point of clocking up 13 hours (and not a moment more) on Saturdays and Sundays despite the fact that I find the whole greedy escapade repulsive. I also think that this year they have over-estimated their “growth” potential and might find themselves in a Truss/Kwarteng corner, but I shall continue to put balls into pockets until anything changes.
- Today was the England match against Iran and so we were all allowed to sit in front of the TV watching the footie for 3 hours and management brought in pizzas by the truckload.
What if we didn't want to? Well then obviously we could sit quietly at our desks and continue to work for three hours while others were getting those 3 hours as free paid leave.
What if the rest of my team chose to continue working in the office with the TV on and make it impossible for anyone else to focus on their work?
Well I'm going to slide those three hours onto next weekend's time-sheet and see if anyone cares to call an “offside”.
I don't care one little bit about football, but I am absolutely made-up that England stuffed Iran today – I only wish that having made the last-minute decision NOT to wear the OneLove armband, the England team had all walked onto the pitch wearing hijabs “incorrectly”

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