Helena Handbasket

By Tivoli


The wheel of happiness was rehearsing its light show again on my way home from work. This time taken side on, through the trees with no need to leave the public path. I prefer the more subtle main with fewer lamps lit, but I've included the fully-lit extra in case you need to know how sparkly it can become. 
Once again, none of the other cousins were around while this family were on site. 
It's beginning to turn into a bit of a soap opera . . .
Meanwhile, back in the silly workplace, a lot more silliness.
A while ago I received a questionnaire requesting my opinions about options for the Xmas party.
I ticked boxes including “Location - Bedford”, and “Event - Meal”.
My disclosed reasons included “being able to get home alone without depending on anyone else” and “disliking competition”.
The staff shindig was then booked at a venue in London where attendees are expected to perform, so I declined the invitation.
HMRC tax-free budgets for annual team celebrations are allocated per payroll, not per attendee, so the fewer staff in attendance, the larger the per capita budget.
Can you see a pattern here? Greedy selfish fekkers!
The latest tranche of train stoppages were announced today, and goodness me! Bless my soul! They are all scheduled to play as much havoc as possible with all imaginable Xmas parties! Who'd 'a thunk?
I will try to schedule my festive travel plans accordingly, so far, the strikes won't disrupt me at all, though the pre-paid, non-refundable, London-based, competitive office Xmas knees-up looks to be totally stuffed.
Oh dear! I wonder if they will have the time and available funds to book a Meal out in Bedford.
I don't care.
Nobody chose to be inclusive.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

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