Bejewelled Larder

A trussed grassgrub beetle hanging in a web. It is a pest. The grub eats roots of plants and the beetle attacks tree leaves. Better large.

A frustrating day. I intended going to Christchurch to do my shopping on Wednesday, but put it off to today because I didn't get enough sleep. This morning I set out and hadn't gone far when my sunroof went crazy. I stopped and thought I'd fixed it, but had to stop again. This time the whole thing fell off in my hand. After wrestling with it for some time I returned home. My marvellous son looked at it after work and put it together using parts of a six inch nail. Number 8 wire wasn't thick enough apparently. It looks closed, but is it watertight? Rain is forecast. Maybe I won't get to Christchurch tomorrow either.

At home I line aired both my summer and winter duvet inners and swapped them over. Nights are getting chilly with the frosts.

Remember that vagrant spider I found in the hedgehog's water bowl? Well guess what? This time he was belly up. Last time I was curious about a fragment of white in his palp. There was a bigger one today- it was a bubble of air, his own scuba tank. I fished him out and when he was dry he made himself scarce.

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