a lifetime burning

By Sheol

First Airborne Division

Don't get too excited, its back to birds again, after yesterday's foray into street photography.  

Little Grebes aren't really made for flying, as you can see.  So you have to take your hats off to the determination this one is showing to actually get into the air.  

It is vaguely reminiscent of Sterling's determination to learn how to parachute in the BBC's production of SAS Rougue Heroes which Cathy and I have been enjoying as a guilty pleasure on Sunday nights recently.  Sterling, of course, jumps out of the plane in a desert sandstorm while pissed, damages his 'chute and breaks a leg.  Fortunately things ended much better for this little grebe and I am sure he's going to get his "wings" (metaphorically at least) and be allowed into the Little Grebe First Airborne any day now.

There's an extra of Cetti's warbler singing in the rain.  Cetti's usually stays out of sight in thick cover so is a notoriously difficult bird to spot, let along photograph, although you hear them all the time as they are very territorial and sing loudly to announce their presence to rivals.  The extra was shot at ISO12800 and isn't my best shot, but its such an unusual bird to see I couldn't resist using up an extra on it.

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