weather all day!

The treetops were really tossing in the breeze here.

Woke up to rain this morning, then amazing blue skies around 9am for quite a while but with the wind ever strengthening..  Early this afternoon we had a massive hailstorm with large hail stones, then it went cold and dark very quickly..

A rough night in which every joint and especially the shoulder on the same side as I had my jab was shouting at me :( 

Slept on and off.  Gave up at 3am, got up and took strong painkillers, heated my wheat sac up, but still didn't sleep well

Apologies for lack of commenting, its hurting to type at the moment and just about managed to chop veg for my dinner which is now in the oven 

Crazy busy but quiet day thankfully.  Still mega busy full stop!

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