Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Little Haldon View

I have a man in an Openreach van with a length of wire. At the moment he's waiting for a man with a platform so that he can attach it to the pole. Also outside is a large removal van with the belongings of our new neighbour now going in so I'm hopeful that the two jobs can continue without any further difficulties. When I spoke to the BT engineer this morning, we were laughing about the likelihood of him fixing the cable and the next removal van taking it down again. I did say I'd be watching like the veritable hawk!

We had a lot of rain overnight which cleared to give us a nice but windy morning. I nipped out in search of a blip before lunch because I knew there was some more filthy weather coming in. This is always a good view but I caught a little bit of nice light on these trees in the middle distance just for a moment then it was gone.

I hope your day's going well and I'll be hoping to catch up with you shortly. Thanks so much for your continued visits and comments.


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