By KCNQ2Haiku

Making Momentum

Howdy, giddy boy!
Trotting with Cello, Yee-haw! 
Cowboy training - go!

We went back to Making Momentum today for another ride.  Ben has been waiting for about a month and this last week he has been so excited, I emailed ahead and they'd confirmed he could ride in the Western saddle and wear a cowboy hat off the horse and play with a lasso.  He made me print out the email and laminate it and he's been carrying it around the house!  The weather was cold and windy and by the end it had started to rain but it didn't dampen the fun, Ben lassoed and wore his hat, he was even encouraged to lasso the staff :-D and then he put the bridle on the lovely horse Cello and had a really good ride around.  By the end he was even trotting, much to his glee.  They shut over the winter months but we'll definitely be back in the spring.

In the morning we had walked into town to pick up a few bits, I bought an exam pencil case for older teen as it was reduced to 90p :-) and Ben wanted in on the action.  At 90p I didn't grumble and he's already had quite a lot of fun sharpening pencils, measuring things and making semi circle shapes with the protractor.  I'm glad I just went with the flow!

We had a walk around the lake with Mr KCNQ2Haiku when we got back from riding, it was only 4:30 but it was so dark, very atmospheric.  

Home now, with a hopefully worn out Ben.  Happy Saturday all :-D

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