By Tryfan46

Well done Susan

The worst of a Sunday November day. None stop rain, overcast. Didn’t really get light. Good job, in the circumstances that the March for Wildlife in London today was called off and rescheduled for the spring.

Susan had already decided today was the day for the decorations to go up. Apologies for those whose sensitivities are upset. There’s a reason. We’re in Edinburgh from next Wednesday for 5 days for a pre Christmas family get together amongst other things and we’re back up there for Hogmanay. If the decorations were put up any later we would not have many days to enjoy them.

She’s done another good job. The house looks splendid and very welcoming. I contributed a little by helping wind lights around the main tree.

A small porridge, kippers, tomatoes, slice of bread and melon for brunch didn’t lower my glucose spike. It’s disappointing as I love porridge.

Lovely photo from California this afternoon. Madison fast asleep with the little dog Max in his basket next to her keeping a careful guard!

Less said about England rugby yesterday the better.

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