An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Row row row your boat...

Slept really well but showering was a challenge.  

We have a lovely ensuite bathroom with a walk-in shower but it is fully open at one end.  The shower base is a large square not a long rectangle so no matter where you are in the shower, you are near the open end.  Trying to stop water from spraying outside the shower area is impossible!  Luckily there's a large shower mat so I put that down on top of a bin bag and that caught most of the spray!  Not ideal but prevented a flood.  A very badly designed space.

Once all up we had a leisurely morning.  Bacon rolls at 11am then off to Amble.  I thought D and I had been there before but realised once there that we hadn't.  Agnes and Adrian, who didn't think they'd been there before, realised they had been.  A holiday many years ago when their daughter Emily was a little girl.  

We were just debating whether to get out the car and go for a wander when Agnes remembered that on the other side of the harbour there were little huts selling artisan goods so we drove round and parked and sure enough, there were lots of little wooden sheds selling all manner of things.  It was great as I bought Christmas pressies for Ele, my niece Jen and for Alan.  

Had a wander round the harbour and it was lovely to see a fisherman landing fresh seafood and selling it to the public.  It doesn't come much fresher than that.

By that point we were a bit peckish and found ourselves at Lilly's Landing.  Went in there and we had some absolutely delicious roast butternut squash soup that was served in beautifully warmed plates and accompanied by a just-out-of-the-oven cheese scone.  Wonderful.  We followed it up with coffee and something sweet - cherry and almond slice for me, chocolate orange cake for David and Adrian and carrot cake for Agnes.  Fabulous food and warm, friendly service.  I think we will be back there.

Back to the cottage and none of us could face dinner so we ended up having biscuits and cheese whilst watching the Strictly result and of course the final of I'm a Celebrity.  The right person won :-))

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