Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

...The kiss...

I am apparently a hopeless softie who is all-too-often heard to whisper awwwwwww. Which I definitely did today when the chickadee pair (the ones who are in one of my nest boxes with 8 eggs) perched not 8 feet from me and did this! I never noticed this behavior last year so not sure if it is common or not - but when mama comes out of the nest box to have a little nosh, she perches near the feeder and peeps very softly and gently flutters her wings (like a fledgling would do) until papa brings her a morsel. She is perfectly capable of feeding herself, and does so in between getting treats from papa, so I am not sure exactly what this behavior signifies. Maybe she is making sure he is going to be ready to feed all the hungry little mouths that are about to enter the world?

Anyway, this was certainly not my best technical shot of the day, but it is the one that made me feel all soft and warm and fuzzy and go awwwwwwww...

My funniest shot of the day was catching Seymour the Squirrel eating a raspberry that I'd put out for the catbirds. He's doing public service announcements now to remind people to eat their fruit. It rained this morning so I fiddled around with some droplet shots here and Here. The other shot I considered blipping is this one, featuring Mama RB Woodpecker, soaked to the skin and sticking her tongue out. But I had to go with my heart today ... and the chickadees.

Thanks for sending Scar to the Spotlight Page today - I'm sure he'd be thrilled if it meant more peanuts for him ... but wait, it does!

I saw my first rose breasted grosbeack (a female) at my feeder today - they are migrants so not sure if I'll see her again. Also had a surprise visit from about 10 pine siskins who shouldn't be here at all... Good times!

Now, go kiss your sweetie!


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