There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Magic Knot

Come, my love, and I'll tell you a tale . . . of a boy and girl, and their love story. . . .

It was an overcast, mostly gloomy sort of day, without much good light. But my husband wanted to jog, so we went to Buffalo Run Park, where he did just that, as I walked around taking pictures. November colors and textures. Teasel. Red berries. Dilapidated benches covered in rich green moss.

This is a photo of a knot in the wood of the pavilion where I started my walk. I shot it in vivid, which gave it a nice golden glow. Can you count the number of rows in this tree cookie?

I showed my husband the picture that night. He's been reading books about the history of the Toltecs and the Aztecs and the Incas. So his remark was: "That looks Toltec! A quizziquinal (I think he may have meant Quetzalcoatl?) warrior with an obsidian dagger will soon be coming to take you out!"  Me: "Yikes!"

But as for myself, the golden knot reminded me of the "magic knot" in the tree, in the film The Princess Bride. As in, "Now, where IS that magic knot?" If you find the magic knot and push it, a doorway opens into a hidden torture room.

Well, ahem! We don't want to enter any torture rooms, movie or no movie, though we DO love the film The Princess Bride, especially as it may have been one of the first movies my husband and I saw together when we had just met.

Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles! Yeah, baby, you'll find all those things in this blip-journal!  :-)

So let's let this be a magic knot that - when you push it - takes you to a portal where you can go WHEREVER YOU WANT! How's about that? How do you like, THAT, magic knot?

My soundtrack song can only be this one: Mark Knopfler and Willie DeVille, with Storybook Love, from the film The Princess Bride.

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