madwill's world

By madwill

Just Leaves

I spotted these leaves while I was out walking the dogs this afternoon …I was taken by the contrast of the freshly fallen yellow leaves with the much darker, well decayed leaves underneath. It needed a bit of flash to get a reasonable shutter speed as it was rapidly getting dark.

I was woken during the night by the central heating boiler switching itself on at around 4 a.m…and even though it is a lot quieter than the old one, it is still right below the bedroom. All the radiator pipes were creaking as well as they warmed up.

Now, I know it was cold last night…but not freezing….so I checked the frost thermostat in the garage this morning and it had been set at 8°C instead of 5! So I have made a slight adjustment in the hope that it doesn’t switch on in the night again, unless it is really cold.

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