Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Just when I was starting to make dinner last night after posting the blip, the power went out.   All of Galiano Island.      Fortunately our stovetop is propane and H had already made sure I had my headlamp in my pocket, the extra little lanterns nearby and he had ground enough coffee for breakfast…”just in case”!   (priorities)     But it wasn’t back on til 3:10 this afternoon. turns out there was ALSO a tree down on this island .    The Finnish soapstone Tulakivi keeps us warm with 2 fires a day…it’s the best part…and the little gas generator runs the fridge and the coffee machine and charges stuff.....  The rest I can do without…. (no water from the well) .   I’ve spent lots of time camping in the past and am not interested in more of the same now!   So I”m lobbying to return to Seattle tomorrow instead of Saturday.  We’ll see.  Have to check all weather reports.   It did turn out to be a nice day with huge high tide for a walk to Jeff’s across the bay to help him finish his birthday cake!  (Extra: the walk, with helicopter pad) 

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