Life Savors

By osuzanna

The Theft

Wendy and I spent a very cold morning at the Conowingo Dam shooting Bald Eagles.  We also spent a lot of time waiting as their activity was almost non-existent in the first couple of hours and then only came in brief spurts. Sometimes the action came so suddenly that we missed it or at least I did.  Wendy managed to capture the moment when an eagle scooped up a fish.  I did not, however I did get a couple of altercations.

It seems that the immature bald eagles do a lot of the work and then the mature eagles swoop in and steal their fish.  That is what is happening in this photo which is better in large.  I have included the before and after shots in extra as well as another altercation where the fish won.

The final extra is a mature bald eagle sitting in a tree. 

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