Sleet and sunshine

About here, I left the fog behind and headed on towards Malham.  I made sure I stopped early for a photo because I'd seen an ominous blue patch heading over Malham Moor on the forecast.  It didn't say that yesterday!  

As I was heading up Brootes Lane, I heard a few spits land on my helmet and then saw a few thicker splats of snow.  I didn't mind it here.  I'd committed now.  I was in luck. The worst of it, I could see ahead and, with an unusual easterly today, that meant it was staying ahead.

For a winter ride, the first forty miles felt pretty good and it's always a high value ride in terms of scenery.  There was lots of bird life too which kept me entertained as well as a few pregnant sheep and the odd cow to chat to on the way. 

For the last twenty, I was definitely tiring but I was dressed perfectly for the cool temperatures and on the last ten, the sun made a weak appearance which is something to behold in the valley with all the fog that there's been.

Now for summoning up the energy to cook tea.  Don't miss Strictly tonight! 

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