View from the croft gate

By Croftcrafts

Red berries

I spent most of the day trying to tidy up and find places for stuff that has been lying about. My new sofa will arrive somtime in the next two weeks so I need to move things about.
I needed to get o
Out do went up to see if R and Magnus wanted to go to the Heritage park. Magnus had his bike and took off ignoring our cries to stop. R hurried after him and eventually caught up with him in the play park.  
Home and wondered what I would do now as I finished the scarf and the waistcoat. I decided to empty the bookcase and pushed it along the wall to the corner.  We will see if that will work with the table in front of it. The television  and fireplace are being moved across the living to the other side but the old sofa has to go first.

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