Liverpool Waterfront

A perfect winters day to go on a bit of a walkabout. A touch of frost to start with, but the sunshine soon made this disappear. We drove into Liverpool for a bit of lunch and a wander around the waterfront. We've not done this before which seems odd as we are only half an hour away and have lived here 20 years! 
The light was lovely later in the day, but we had to be back for a delivery so didn't quite manage to see the sunset proper which was a real shame. 
I was really on the lookout for some architectural shots for my camera club competition, but I didn't really take anything I think is good enough to submit. With no tripod and a husband in tow, I think I probably need to go for a day out with another photographer if I'm to get anything :) 

There are a couple more images from today in extras if you would like to take a look - Billy Fury and one of the Docks.

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