The view from the bedroom balcony!

W didn't have to contend with sun this morning, instead he had fog.  And potential icy road.  Fortunately not too thick, and we were on major roads for the entire drive apart from the last 4 kilometres..

By the time we arrived in Cavan, the skies had cleared to wonderful blueness.  But it was still very cold.  I stepped out onto the balcony to take this photo and nearly gave W a heart attack as I skidded towards the railing! 

A gorgeous house.  And what a view - across Lough Carafin.  The house is up a small slope, so you get nearly as good view from the downstairs front windows.

The house was a little smaller than our ideal house would be, with wasted space in the bathrooms.  But it was lovely enough for me to contemplate with equanimity the need to pass on some bedroom furniture I inherited from my parents, and that I had previously been adamant I wasn't ready to part with.

We've another couple of viewings lined up for next week, but this is our favourite so far.

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