By mollyblobs

Bokeh leaves and frost flowers

I delivered Alex to Oundle and had intended to go for a walk straight afterwards, but it was very cold and somewhat overcast, so I decided against it. The sun eventually appeared and I spent a few moments in the garden photographing frost and leaves as I suspected I wouldn't get out for a walk later.

In the evening we all went to the Draper's Arms with some of Alex's current and former work colleagues, for a Christmas night out. It was the first time I'd been in to the Draper's since the pandemic and I'd forgotten quite how loud it would be, but we were tucked in a side booth and were relatively protected until a group of very loud and high-pitched women came and sat right next to us.

Despite the screaming banshees, we were just about able to chat and it proved to be a really lovely, convivial evening. Pete, CJ and I left about 10.30 as she had work the next day - I'm not sure what time Alex returned!

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