I am camera

By Martinski


This afternoon I walked or slithered down to the canal. It was icy. I passed a group of people and at the last minute recognised one of them and said, ‘Hi.’ She broke out into a smile that nearly blinded me. This woman has the most wonderful smile of anyone I know. She lived in this  area when I was first here, and I saw her quite often. We seemed to have a good rapport, but I couldn’t imagine how it could go any further. So it didn’t.  She was too young  for me and too beauitiful.
    Later on when I reached the shop, I made a remark about the ice to the weekend girl.  She concurred and smiled. Now I thought she didn’t have a smile. How wrong can you be?
    The stalks in the picture are saplings. Unfortunately at some point, Scottish Canals will give them a haircut. The hill is Tomnahurich Hill.

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