Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Sunset on Stùc a' Chròin

Taken from a bedroom window as the sun was going down.

Not my sparkling best today. I've been coughing for a couple of days and this morning I felt decidedly off. I really don't want a chest infection. If it doesn't clear up I'll ask the GP to get her stethoscope out. I expect it's just one of the viruses doing the rounds. It isn't covid.

We should have been out walking not so far from Stùc a' Chròin, though nothing like as challenging. The plan was to meet friends at Glen Finglas, have a walk then go back to their house for tea and cake. Not to be today. I've toddled round the river with Flora but that's been the extent of it.

A waste of a beautiful winter day but sometimes you just have to give in.

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