I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... scenes from our walk at Jacobsburg State Park.

Today's weather was nice enough for us to get out for a lovely walk at Jacobsburg ... especially after having several rainy days this past week.  We drove up after lunch and walked on the Sobers Run trail where we saw lots of interesting things ... some quite silly.  

The silly things started on the way to the park when we saw two people walking their horses across the road.  We would also encounter these same riders later on the trail!  And the silly just continued!  As we were walking back along the trail to our car we saw several cyclists ... one wearing a Santa hat!  And then I noticed a tree with two Band-Aids attached to it ... which you can see in the bottom middle picture.  I can only assume someone injured the tree by running into it and thought they would help "heal" it with some Band-Aids!  What a funny sight!

I couldn't help but take the picture in the upper left of Richard's new toy ... a GoPro!  He was holding over the water getting some video.  

After finishing our walk we stopped at a few stores on the way home.  One was Best Buy as we wanted to look at a new camera that we are thinking of getting for me.  But we were disappointed that they didn't have one on display.  

We were home by 4:00 and didn't go back out.  

I've added an Extra photo of our lovely Kiera Kat in her cat condo cubby!  This is usually occupied by Cheddar so I was surprised to see her in it when we got home from Jacobsburg.  Please have a look at both in gallery view.

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