Came across this photographer (Stroud based Jonathan Newman) at the local town market area today. He is located in the Shambles market area slightly hidden behind the fish and cheese stalls. I bought the photo he is holding which shows a view of rocks in the Dolomite Mountains. I really liked some of his work, much of it is based upon local countryside shots which are quite atmospheric. I went to the Dolomites years and years ago and have flown over them a few times but have never climbed in them....maybe that is another thing for the day zero list??

Pretty wet and rainy here today which is perfect study weather. I am trying to diminish my 'to do' list with regards to my thesis....slowly moving closer to completion!

In other news Wigan are playing in the FA cup final later today. I wish them well but I passed a bookies today and it had a billboard outside which said something like 'If Manchester City lose then we will refund all losing bets' that doesn't feel too hopeful does it?

Anyways......back to study!

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