By Dakers

The Coelho Variations!

Today we drove to have lunch with Sammy S and his wife Mae who live in Linlithgow.

The journey was relatively OK until the car ran out of screen wash. The dirt and water thrown up by traffic could not be cleared properly with wipers alone.

I did stop in a lay-by and cleaned the windscreen with some water. Not the basis of a long term plan. I left the main road at the Cowdenbeath Junction and stopped at the first petrol station to purchase screen wash and also fill up the fuel tank.

Vision was quickly restored and we headed off for Lunch. We had a great time with Sammy and Mae.

Sammy then announced that he had something for us and then played ‘The Coelho Variations’.by PYSB or Paisley Youth Silver Band on his music system.

Sammy had composed/ arranged ‘The Coelho Variations’ which he conducted with PYSB at our Wedding in 1984. The music tells of how Pat and I met and how we married. It is a melody of many tunes from Scotland and America.

‘The Coelho Variations’ became part of the PYSB repertoire and was played on several broadcasts.

By the time the music finished we were all in tears. Tears of happiness and also sadness. The happiness for the joy of our wedding and the sadness for Sammy who, thanks to his stroke could no longer conduct or play his musical instruments.

The power of music to create emotions!

Sammy is fortunate that he is able to drive and is relatively mobile.

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