Where's ............

 ............ BikerBear Now?  (WBBN?)

Day Nine:

The Birds and The Grasshopper.  (that well-known short story!!  lol)

I have a new favourite bird ..... the Hamerkop.  Just gorgeous.   The morning light was behind him as he stood on a pipe so not as much detail as I would have liked but ..... it had to be my main photo.

I was also fascinated by the detail in the body of the very large grasshopper that took up residence on my towel by the pool.
The feisty looking red-eyed bird was looking to wage war and the soft, little brown bird (that put me in mind, for some reason, of a mini bird of prey) had just caught his breakfast - luckily the sun was in the right place for these shots.

So have you guessed yet where I am?  Go on - you know you want to!

~ Anni ~

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