Lost in Thought

By steveng

In need of TLC

Another diary blip .... sorry!

When I was intending to put my electric screwdriver on the charger this morning,  I realised some of the conductors in the cable were visible.  So I've taken it apart and am delighted to discover I can very likely repair it :-)

The wires just need shortening and re-soldering onto the board. 

The board itself sits inside the plug top and converts the AC mains to a constant current supply to charge the battery in the screwdriver.  It will have to wait until we get home as I don't have soldering kit with me.

I have improvised a light tent using a corner in the white painted walls, a shelf from the kitchen cupboards and a halogen work light.

Aside from that - I fitted a new ceiling light in the en-suite,  prepared three doors for painting and (with help from Pete) set a new deeper box into the wall so I can replace the last twin socket remaining.   When the conservatory was built on, whoever did the electrics had the ring main for the sockets, and the one for the house, both pushed into the screw terminals on the back of the old socket.  It all looks a bit too tenuous for my liking to we have put in a deeper box to allow some more space to connect up the rings and the new socket.   The old socket had much 'beefier' terminals so it probably was not dangerous,  it just looked rather " I wouldn't have done it like that" ish.

We might allow ourselves a visit to Clevedon Pier tomorrow, after an early start to get those doors painted.

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