Lost in Thought

By steveng

Dreaming of a (pure brilliant) White Christmas

We are in Weston Super Mare for another couple of days DiY painting and general tidy up work on Gill's sister's house before it can go back onto the rental market. Today has mostly gone on painting the woodwork (Gill),  Curtain Rails (Pete), Electrical finishing (Me), and door fitting (Chris)

There has also been some circular saw action (Pete and me) fixing the garage bench which had water damage.
Gill made Christmas dinner - eaten on a variety of camping and beach chairs under the glare of the new LED lights reflected from the brilliant white walls.

Edit: our son says we look like two teams on a daytime TV property programme :-)

Thanks to everyone who visited my journal yesterday - and particularly for those who left favourites.  Those trees might well be re-appearing in my journal more often now.   For the next day or two though I am back to diary blips.

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