Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Dancer at rest.

I do admire her posture in this shot. She's very graceful and creative in her dance. It will stand her in good stead I'm sure.
The promised flurries of snow were exactly that and very minimal in fact it was all over by the time I went up make a cup of coffee at 8am.
I went into town today for a massage at Clarins. I was so relaxed by the end of it. I bought another couple of Christmas presents but I'm really not up to speed at all.
We took the girls home this afternoon and have then their tea as Katy was working till 7pm again. This shot is Isobel glued to the tv. They don't get to watch it very much, but at the end of a long day she relaxed while waiting for the pizzas to cook.
When we got back from Kathryn's I found a river flowing down the drive, the dreaded burst pipe. Fortunately it's in the garage so the water flows straight out of the door and didn't do any damage. There is a stop tap nearby so I managed to turn it off. A visit from the plumber is needed though.
Josie went to see Santa at the Zoo. She was absolutely fascinated. My and Mrs Claus were both at home. Extra from Ali.

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