By FotoAlex


Jill and I stopped in Frostburg on our way to Kennywood specifically to visit this house she's told me about. She wanted my daily photo to be this odd corn thing. She even gave today's blip its title.

Kennywood was our last amusement park visit of the year. With the visit, we've completed our goal of visiting parks every month this year. We visited 23 amusement parks, and I rode 45 new roller coasters. Jill rode her 300th roller coaster this year. It was a good year.

We did some shopping before Kennywood. I bought a book about the 100 best movies that pass the Bechdel Test. It was a cold day; too cold for Jack Rabbit to operate, which was sad. We rode Lil' Phantom, the kiddy coaster, instead. We drank hot alcoholic drinks (Jill got a hot toddy, and I got spiked hot chocolate) and enjoyed cheese fries. Snow flurries fell throughout the day. The drive home was much snowier and scared me a bit, but we made it home.

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