By Paladian


300 Blips today - and honestly, the Blip Gods are laughing at me again. I remember my 200 blip - had it all organised in Wonderful Wanaka, and it rained. Hard.

Today, same scenario. More or less organised - and it rained. Hard.

So - what to do? Into the garden between showers, and holed up in the bird hide shed. Lots of little birds twittering around, and I actually got a very extremely fuzzy shot of a silver-eye. Which I was going to blip, until I saw this one on the screen.

I didn't know I'd got the New Holland Honey Eater in flight - and let's face it a bird in flight trumps a fuzzy silver-eye any day of the week.

Flight feathers

300 blips - thank you so much to all my fellow-blippers, many of whom have become good and dear friends. Thanks to everyone who has a look at my images, and thanks for all your encouragement. It truly has meant an awful lot to me. This Blip malarkey has taken me to unbelievable photographic places, and - I sincerely hope - has improved my skills no end.

And, thanks to Blip Central. Blip is an amazing place, and I continue to be enthralled, hypnotised, and addicted to it.

And I have to thank my lovely Rower. He knows why!

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