Red, Green, and Blue

By GemmoMC

Home Cooked Food!

One day home. Since I'm backblipping this day, I can't really remember what I did today. Although this is what I can remember...

My aunt and my grandma came over today to say hello. They really miss me and it was nice seeing them. They took a look at some photos, mostly my brother's since I have so many. I need to organize them and pull out the good ones.

I'm much better than yesterday. It's amazing what a couple of tylenols and some sleep can do.

It's so weird being home. When I went out with my brother to watch Terminator 4, I was already comparing the Americans with the French. The fashions are quite different. The Americans are so much more colorful and casual. No dark browns, blacks, or leather jackets here.

When I got home, I had some arroz caldo or rather a rice porridge type dish with chicken. Yum yum. It's so good to not have to worry about feeding myself any more. Home cook meals from now on. :)

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