Where's ...........

 .............. BikerBear Now?  (WBBN??)

Day Fourteen:

Redundant title as you now know I am in the Gambia.

Last full day today and look who perched on the frame on the grass outside my room!!  I took 65 photos of him - each one getting closer and closer - this is hardly cropped at all.  So beautiful.

In the extras you can see a grasshopper/cricket that landed on my little laptop keyboard as I was sitting out side the room.  (Please excuse the dirty keyboard!!!)

Thankfully I left just enough extras to post this many photos but only by using collages ..... I have three remaining!!

Tomorrow is my flight home and I'm hoping for a last-day pretty sunrise - we shall see.

Once again, thank you for all your guesses, stars, comments and hearts while I have been on this trip.   Now it's time to plan another one and I already have one in the bag for June 2023 but I don't want you to wait that long !!!   :o))

~ Anni ~

This is Monday uploaded (from home) on Wednesday afternoon.

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