BikerBear's Blips

By BikerBear

Where's .................

 ................... BikerBear Now?  (WBBN?)  -  well, I've opened the bag and the cat jumped out so you actually know now.

Day Thirteen:

Out and About.   I think the only bird in these sets is on a beer bottle!!

Two big butter fish and a happy beach guy. Not sure what the man was doing but it looked pretty dusty and a boy with sticks included in set #1.

My hotel, inside and out, the above-mentioned beer label in the second.

Hotel and beach in the third.

Cute cows, bees, early morning dew and a parasite tree in the fourth.

Fishing boat and eco houses in the fifth.

One full day left which I will use to completely relax ...... if anything pops up it will be snapped and uploaded!!

~ Anni ~

This is Sunday uploaded on Monday.

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