Bowood 2013 #9

As I parked at Bowood I noticed several cheering stone bowls full of tulips at the entrance to welcome visitors. I made my way to the Little Barn at Tractor Ted's Little Farm to see if the pigs and calves had gone yet. The two calves are getting rather boisterous now they are bigger and bolder, and Misty, the Charolais, is in particular getting rather demanding in her need for attention from the two girls who tend to them, and so both calves will soon be rejoining their herd. They and the three New Year's Day's piglets (this is Benjamin) were still in attendance but there were two new ewes with their ewe lambs. Here is Fern with May.

My main mission was to spot some fritillaries that I had been told were growing in a wildflower section near a path, but I couldn't find them despite scrutinising several wildflower beds carefully. Spring had sprung though and there was much blossom on the trees and colour in the flower beds, including these White Lion daffodils and these bluebells. I sat with a view of the lake and spent an hour reading with the occasional honk of geese and the cries of the gulls all attending to the important business of Spring.

As I made my way back by a different route, I came across the fritillaries, both white and snakeshead varieties. There were clearly fewer than there had been a week or so before, but quite enough for me to enjoy.


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Tree in blossom (Pentax K-x, 15mm, 12-24mm lens)
Sprig of Blossom
White Fritillary
Snakeshead Fritillary

Lens: Pentax 17-70mm

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