David J. Rose

By djrose007

Ready for 12 (number, not O'Clock!)

Quite a relaxed Christmas dinner coming up tomorrow, or rather later today as I'm blipping this on the 25th but the photo is dated the 24th. It is Currently 00:55, after doing all of the tidying up and preparing the table for the Christmas Dinner.
12 for dinner is quite light for us but Johanna, Luke, Ruby and Eric will be having dinner with Luke's parents this year.
We had our usual Christmas Eve 'do' with lots of food (wish I had more willpower about not being tempted with the food). Friends and family were also plentiful with Ian, Kim and their daughter, her husband and their two young girls.
It used to be a very large gathering with other friends and relatives but, to be honest, it was getting quite a strenuous task preparing food and drinks for around 35. 
Covid gave us an opportunity to tone it down a bit, a lot in fact!
Wishing all in Bliplfotoland a wonderful Christmas, lets see what 2023 brings us. I'm not a great believer in celebrating New Year, we don't have any control over what is going to happen so the new years celebrations sees me just crossing my fingers that it's going to a fairly good one. 

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