Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Christmas Eve

It’s family time.  finally we are all 10 together…. I had trouble with the camera and the flash but have to just post it anyway for the milestone.   Everyone was well, Mostly.   Good food. 
We like to give books for Christmas,…this year we picked out special selections for everyone from our own library…including a Christmas book extra for each kid.   some went over more than others…:-),..But in the extra you can see Oskar finding all kinds of good stuff in his book on Vikings,,,.and Tatum with a French dictionary…(along with a Venice book and the Louvre.  It was fun… ((I know ….I keep trying to clean out stuff….)   as was the yankee swap we did…one highlight of those presents was a led rainbow light to put on the toilet bowl that lights up with motion in the dark.   The kids loved it.
We had our 2 neighbors over first for some herring and Swedish cheese and bread….I’m now exhausted….and ready for a quiet day tomorrow.   
I hope everyone that celebrates Christmas had some joy today.

Edit: changed the extra collage after finally lookingat all the photos in the morning with eyes open :-)

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