Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


It was the morning (and afternoon) after the day before and lethargy was the word and the mood of the day. Christmas Day with friends had been excellent, but I had overeaten and I was tired so it took me a bit to get going this morning. On the basis that one cannot live on chocolate alone, I finally dragged myself out, down onto the Canal and along to Seabegs Wood and a wee wander along the Antonine Wall.

I don't know what the soldiers of Antonius Pius thought of it all, but I suspect their mood would not have been helped at spending a winter in Caledonia especially if they had been caught in a hail shower similar to the one I encountered on my walk. At least I had the option of turning back and heading for a warm home. And more chocolate.

Hope your Christmas is going well.

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