Our Christmas pudding goes viral

To my astonishment Van, our Vietnamese guest, announced this morning our video of M setting fire to the Christmas pudding  had gone viral with nearly 24,000views.
Well, I have never had a video go viral before. This is the instagram link.
This has been a” Vietnamese day” with lots of talking around the kitchen table about cultural differences, technology, and the state of the world today (did you know some Chinese men kidnap Vietnamese women from the northern Highlands of the country because of the shortage of women in China?).
 Having learnt on Google that the Vietnamese have the healthiest diet in the world I was determined to make the most of the  opportunity to cook my first Vietnamese meal under the supervision of our two guests.
I am now a convert to this type of cooking which is basically fresh vegetables, rice and fish or meat.  Also, I was interested to learn too that sugar does not feature in their diet because they don’t do puddings.

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