Marking Time

By Libra

Storm Gerritt

We are in the throes of storm Gerritt with gusts of wind up to 67mph.
Woke this morning to find water coming through the ceiling.  At first I attribute the wet patch on the carpet to Leon peeing rather than going out into the wind and rain. 
But drops of water land on M ‘s head. So, Leon declared not guilty.
The damage is the result of strong winds lifting the flashing, our builder says in an urgent phone call to him. He will inspect when the weather calms down.
Meanwhile there is disruption everywhere with flood water. This is the first time we have experienced so many roads unpassable.  We live on a steep hill and its snow and ice that are the usual problems.  But today we had to navigate through flooded roads to get out. See link.
 An Amazon delivery man said he had just come over the mountain fearing he would not be able to get through. He looked shattered and frustrated. (From his accent he was East European). He said he had six deliveries which he could not drop off because of floodwater.
I feel guilty. Was it worth his effort for a book? It’s not as if it was urgent, like food or medicine.
But we live in an age of instant gratification. And global warming.
Is this a foretaste of what’s to come?

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