By spannarama

Dirty work

Busy but lovely day today. Started off re-planting our window boxes, sitting out in the sunshine in our communal gardens, with a brief visit from String Cat, who had a good chew on my sunglasses while my back was turned. Strange cat. Also re-potted a few of our house plants, and sowed some chilli seeds, too. Not quite sure whether they'll grow, as it was a slightly old packet of seeds, so it'll be interesting to see if anything happens over the next couple of weeks.

This afternoon Tim and I completely cleaned the whole flat, ready for a visit this evening from my Mum and cousin. Had a nice time catching up with them both, and also took them over to Greenwich Park to show my cousin the views from there. Then back to ours for a cup of tea and cake before they headed back to my Mum's.

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