Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


Spent a bit of this morning and much of the afternoon at a funeral. Saying goodbye is never easy, but in this case it was for a 98-year-old and there was much to celebrate about her life.

Needing a bit of time to chill and relax I took the train into Glasgow in the evening and had a wander around the Christmas lights and festivities down at St Enoch Square and here at George Square.

Suitably chilled and relaxed I boarded the train home about an hour later. At the appointed departure time the conducter came on the intercom to advise the packed train that it had been cancelled. With an hour until the next one and no guarantee that the same wouldn't happen again, I walked up to Cathedral Street and boarded a bus to Cumbernauld. A 20-minute walk got me to the station car park. So much for chilling out!

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