By laralouisa

House on fire

Yesterday morning all went to plan. I left Ardmolich swiftly, said my goodbyes and drove across to the cottage. I had a quick coffee with mum and dad, took a few items off mum’s hands (kitchen aid, 2 lamps) then hit the road to drive south.

The drive was pleasant. I stopped at the green welly to refuel (myself, not the car) and there were no hiccups on the road. It rained, lots. And I can’t help but think that if it had rained that much 10 hours earlier, it might’ve helped the situation that I was about to be presented with.

I picked up C en route. We parked up, looked right and saw that the bottom floor flat had turned to charcoal. I had a car full of stuff to drop off, I really needed to put a wash on and most importantly, our passports were up there and we go to Morocco in two days.

Anyway, back to Milngavie we went. Straight to the pub to talk about what the f just happened and debrief each other after a Christmas apart.

We now know that we’ll gain access to the flat for a 2 hour time slot today. Passports will be secured and we’ll run away to Morocco in the hope that we’ll have our home back upon our return this time.

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